Yoga in Nature and Wild Swimming Events

Nature is my healing place. And practicing movement such as yoga and qigong surrounded by nature is just magical and so powerful for my wellbeing. I love sharing this energy with you and the ethos behind Anja Yoga is all about nature connection and following the rhythms of the seasons.

Wild swimming has always been part of my life. Growing up in Finland surrounded by lakes, rivers and sea I have always found the healing power of water a great way to let go of all my worries and re-set. *Important: please note, I am not a qualified wild swimming coach, the sessions offered here are at locations where you have an opportunity for a wild dip or swim. These are done at your own risk but you will have a nurturing and supportive environment for a dip whether you are a newbie or an experienced wild swimmer.

Gentle yoga and qigong flow

Yoga in Nature at Camp Plas, Dolanog, Mid Wales

Join me for a yoga in nature session at this very special place at Camp Plas in Dolanog. Nestled in the valley surrounded by beautiful Welsh hills and landscape, Camp Plas is a haven for connecting with nature. This place has a truly special energy which is hard to describe in words, you just need to experience it yourself! This place has become my second home and a place where I find a real sense of peace.

We have a beautiful, cosy barn to use for our yoga practice, perfect for any weather. In the colder months we will light a fire, gather around it and all practices are done in chairs and standing. Please wear layers, bring a blanket and maybe also a hot water bottle for the session especially if you tend to feel the cold. This class is physically gentle and follows the rhythms of nature, it is suitable for everybody (16+).

The site also has a very special wild swimming spot!  If you join for the wild swim/dip, please bring everything you need for a swim plus change of clothing, a hot water bottle and a flask of hot drink. We can gather again after the dip around the fire to share a hot drink and a lovely sense of connection. There is a changing facility on site but please note there are no showers.