Yin Yoga Workshops and Events

To me yin yoga is everything. It changed the way I practice and see my practice, my body, my being. Yin is slow, but yin is not easy. Yin gives space for us to be as we are. Space to pause. It is not always comfortable but it is a powertool for wellbeing. 

In a yin yoga practice we stay in poses for around 5 minutes, this allows the body time to ease into the poses and the practice to go deeper. It affects the connective tissue which is not accessible in other practices. The majority of yin poses are done seated or lying down using various props. These props include bolsters, blankets, pillows, straps and blocks. You do not have to invest in official yoga props, you can use any type of cushions and blankets and straps. Even better, when you practice at home you can create a really cosy space for your practice.

Join me for this powertool practice for wellbeing.

Gentle yoga and qigong flow

Seasonal Yin Yoga (online) – 90 minute workshop from home

I am passionate about living in harmony with seasons. This longer 90 minute class explores the season in more detail in a very Yin way. The class can include some yin style qigong practice depending on the season and a long yummy yin yoga practice and relaxation. A perfect recipe for true relaxation and restoration. Joining from the comfort of your own home allows you to relax and rest after the workshop.

Yin for Wellbeing Workshop

Seasonal Yin Yoga (in person) –  Mid Wales and Midlands

Join me for longer seasonal yin yoga workshops and retreats at Llansilin Memorial Hall in Mid Wales or Alrewas Village Hall in the Midlands. Both halls are lovely, warm and welcoming and in a good accessible locations with plenty of parking.

I offer different length seasonal events from 90 hour workshops to 2.5 hour workshops. Each session includes seasonal wellbeing tips, seasonal qigong, plenty of seasonal yin yoga, learning about the season and acupressure points. Longer sessions include refreshments. 

Qigong is moving meditation, the practices are simple and gentle and suitable for all. Yin is a very slow yet a powerful and effective yoga practice for your overall wellbeing – both body and mind. It is a practice that has had the most fundamental positive effect on my own physical health and mental wellbeing. Sharing these practices is very special to me 💙

Dates for spring 2024 coming soon!