Qigong classes and courses

Qigong is a practice where we mainly work on a deeper layer of our body, the energy system. Qigong also has many benefits on the physical body from building bone and muscle strength to joint stability. Typically we connect breath with movement and most of qigong is done standing. The movements are accessible as long as you are comfortable standing for 20-30 minutes. Each qigong class finishes with meditation.

Gentle yoga and qigong flow

Qigong Courses – from your home

I love the benefit from doing my daily 20-30 minute qigong practice in the mornings so I wanted to offer the same to you in a format of a 4 week course in each season. These 30 minute sessions include a (generally) standing 20 minute qigong practice linked to the season in question followed by a 10 minute seated meditation. A great way to start the day!

More courses coming soon!