Yoga for Climbers and Mountaineers Workshops and Events

I started climbing about 8 years ago, bouldering first then moving to ropes and eventually outdoor climbing. I soon found how much my yoga practice was supporting my climbing hobby so I decided to share this with others. I taught regular classes at Boulder Central, West Brom and Redpoint Climbing Centre in Birmingham which soon became my second home. Since moving to Wales and the lack of a climbing gym, I have found my love in mountaineering and I am currently working towards my Mountain Leader qualitication.

Yoga and climbing/mountaineering go hand in hand in many ways. Yoga doesn’t only just support these disciplines by building strength, stamina and flexibility but it can be a very good tool to support injury prevention and mind focus that is required in climbing or mountaineering. Through longer held stretches you can support a deeper level of connective tissue and through breathing practices and mindful pauses you can support those moments that need full focus on the wall or mountian ridges.

I currently offer yoga for climbers or yoga for mountaineers sessions for groups. This can be at your chosen location for example a climbing gym or as part of your mountaineering day outdoors! I can tailor a session for your group whether you are a group leader or planning a special event.

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Yoga for climbers _ Stronger hatha yoga

Past Yoga for Climbers Workshops at Redpoint, Birmingham

Here are some example sessions I ran in 2022 to give you a flavour of what I have offered. I can offer one off sessions or series of session and tailor make them suitable for your group.

Dates and themes for workshops I ran in 2022 to give you an idea of what the workshops cover:

  • Friday 11 February 19:00-20:30 – hips and hamstrings including leg strength
  • Friday 11 March 19:00-20:30  – shoulders and arms including arm balances
  • Friday 8 April 19:00-20:30 – breath and focus: get ready for outdoor season