Terms and conditions for Yoga & Hiking Retreat run by Anja Yoga

These T&Cs are written human to human, from me to you. In these terms and conditions ‘I, me, my or myself’ refer to Anja Torikka. My aim is to be reasonable and fair with my terms and conditions. I know things and circumstances change, but as you understand, I have to pay costs in advance. My terms and conditions mirror the dates and costs that occur to me.

The basic principle is that you will receive a full refund including your deposit if the venue is not able to receive guests for example due to health and safety issue or if I am unable to run the retreat due to any reason for example illness. In these cases you can either choose to receive a full refund or a transfer to another date or retreat with me. However, there are things out of our control and to protect us, these terms and conditions are in place. If you decide to cancel your space on the retreat for any reason, the below cancellation policy applies.

As with any holiday, I thoroughly recommend getting a travel insurance. These are generally very reasonably priced and one that covers hiking would be advisable but not compulsory. I do not offer advice on the type of insurance you would need. If you need to cancel your holiday, you can put a claim to the travel insurance. Please note, this is between you and the insurer and myself or the venue have no say in the decision of your chosen insurer.


Your deposit of £150 is non refundable (except if I have to cancel the retreat). This is payable on booking.

A balance of £200 is payable 60 days before the start of your retreat. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the start of your retreat. You will receive a payment reminder via email 14 days before each due date.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel more than 60 days before the start of the retreat, you will only lose your deposit.

If you cancel between 30 days and 59 days before the retreat, you will receive a 50% refund from the final balance minus the deposit. For example if your final balance was £395 which you paid on 21 November, you will receive a 50% refund from this amount. The deposit is non refundable.

If you cancel less than 30 days before, there will be no refunds.

Extra note on Covid19

You can get a travel insurance which covers cancellations due to Covid19 – please check the details on the insurance carefully. If the situation due to Covid19 changes and the venue is unable to receive guests or there is a national lockdown, you will receive a full refund.

Weather conditions

Throughout the approach to the retreat we will keep a close eye on the weather. Please note, the retreat will go ahead unless there is national advice in place against travelling. If I am able to travel to the retreat and the venue is accessible and able to receive guests, the retreat will go ahead. In circumstances that are out of my control such as weather conditions near your home or where you are travelling from that either hinder, delay or lead to cancellation of your attendance at the retreat, I will not be held liable for any costs incurred or to refund or repay any monies received. I reiterate the importance of a travel insurance in these cases. Our qualified and experienced mountaineering instructor will plan the hiking routes making sure weather conditions are considered. Hikes will go ahead even in bad weather unless there is a severe weather warning in place and it is unsafe to do so. Please note the length and route plans of the hikes may change due to the weather. If I am unable to offer hikes due to weather, alternative workshops/activities/massages will be offered in place for the value of the hikes. This does not make me liable for partial refunds of the payments you have made.

Your health and safety

In registering for this retreat you agree to accept all risks associated with the event and or service and agree that no liability will be attached to me for any personal injury, illness, delay, loss or damages to property, finances or health.

In any specific circumstances, please get in touch with me to discuss. These terms and conditions are there to protect the both of us, but I am happy to discuss your individual circumstance. Please get in touch via email on hello@anjayoga.co.uk