Workshops and Courses

Below you will find my regular Yin & Yang Yoga workshops, short courses and offerings. These are perfect for you if you want to explore your practice a little further.

Yin for Wellbeing Workshop

Yin & Yang Yoga Workshops – Coming soon…

Monthly 2 hour workshop on first Sunday of the month to balance yin&yang energies

Join me for my monthly longer yin&yang workshop. Currently online but at Alrewas Village Hall once we are able to again. I love both yin&yang and this practice gives extra time to explore both. The Yang part of the workshop includes qigong and yang yoga fitting to the season. Yin is a very slow yet effective practice for your overall wellbeing. It is a practice that has had the most fundamental positive effect on my own physical health and mental wellbeing. Sharing these practices is very special to me đź’™

Gentle yoga and qigong flow

Seasonal Balance – Coming soon…

4 week online course for vitality and wellbeing in each season

I am passionate about living seasonally and I look forward to welcoming you to these course. During this online course we will explore yoga and qigong practices for the season, nutrition and self care. We explore the meridians (energy channels) and organs linked to the season and how you can make big difference to your wellbeing with some very simple tips. I used to run these as a one off event in different seasons but doing it as a course allows us to embed the practices and lifestyle changes. There will be time for questions and connecting during the sessions too.



Beginners Yoga Course – Coming soon…

4 week course for beginners 

It is great to be a beginner! We all have to start somewhere. This course is for you if you are completely new to yoga, a returner or just want to re-learn the basics of yoga. Taking it back to basics is wonderful and builds a strong foundation for your practice. During this course we explore the breath and basic breathing techniques (pranayama), base postures (asana) and relaxation. There is also time for questions and conneting with each other.